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After quietly read all the posts around the forum especially the feud between the Classic vs Reboot. Recalling the TR series I played from TR1 to ROTTR+DLC.
I decided to come up with my conclusion (for my-self) regarding the future of this franchise. Everyone will not agree on this and that is your right and I respect that:
Core Design did wonderful job when they first released the Tomb Raider in 1996 and the series flourished for 4 years. From TR1 to TR:Chronicles (1996-2000). Despite whatever the internal or external politics the studio faced. During time I haven't much seen change in Lara other than the quality of the game improved (graphics, gameplay, story etc). Core Design suffered a fatal blow when they released TR:AOD (2003). The game was disaster in terms of glitches, bugs and new gameplay (included like stealth and meele that I didn't expect) when it released on new platform PS2. That's the last we saw Core Design work.
Then there come the Crystal Dynamics and new verison trilogy (TR:L,A&U).
Now the problem comes after 5 years Square Enix is not satisfied with her origin and again I see another reboot version in 2013. When I played it's like a scared girl in Uncharted game (I blame myself for that since it's a story about survival and character development I was hoping for some of her old classic TR personality in her when I played). It changed much in ROTTR (2015). But now I am waiting for last trilogy of the reboot and will want to play it despite I am a classic fan.
What I am most looking forward in the future of TR series is that I can finally play a mature version of Lara Croft who has accepted what she meant to be.
If that's not gonna happen then I was to move on with this new TR series then.
Eventually everyone will move on.

I might be late to say it but "Happy New Year" LOL
Sorry. English is not my language. Had to read twice before posting it.
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