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Default Next game title: Shadow of the Tomb Raider?

Hey guys! I just discovered this on twitter today and I haven't seen it posted yet. Could this be the title for TR3? I'd love it!


The title for the next game in Square Enix’s rebooted Tomb Raider series may have been leaked today, after an image purporting to show a member of the public working on a presentation for the title was revealed.

Reddit user tripleh280 claims to have taken the photo, displayed below, of the unknown person’s laptop screen on the subway system. A cursory glance at tripleh280’s posting history suggests he is based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada – close to the headquarters of Rise of the Tomb Raider co-developer Eidos Montreal, who worked on the game alongside Crystal Dynamics.

While most of the text in the PowerPoint presentation is illegible, a logo reading ‘Shadow of the Tomb Raider’ can be clearly made out in the upper-right corner of the document, prompting users to speculate that it could refer to an upcoming entry in the popular action-adventure series. For those with a long enough memory, you may remember that Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag was infamously leaked in a similar manner.

However, it could be an elaborate ruse, of course, or refer to something else entirely, such as a piece of fan-fiction or other unofficial project. It’s highly unlikely that publisher Square Enix will comment on the image, either, so for now we’ll just have to speculate – while taking it all with a heavy pinch of salt.
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I hope not....

Are they going to name it SOMETHING OF THE TOMB RAIDER again? I wish TOMB RAIDER: SOMETHING..
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I hope not... [2]

So cheesy!
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That's horrible if it's true.

How about something original?

Saying that, I hate the title 'Rise of' also
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Like um...

Title followed by Subtitle is somewhat unique and hardly ever used. So I'm not passive aggressive or anything.

Seems neat I guess. Wish they'd make a Tomb Raider game instead of a spin-off series once they finish this one.

edit: When I google "shadow of the" that cliche game Shadow of the Colossus appears...


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Originally Posted by fondantcookie View Post
That's horrible if it's true.

How about something original?

Saying that, I hate the title 'Rise of' also
I came to like the title Rise of the Tomb Raider even thought I didn't like it at first. Shadow of the Tomb Raider sounds darker somehow. At least to me. I like that aspect about it.
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Is there someone on here with photoshop skills that could make the text less blurry? This would help a lot. For all we know this could just be someone writing fanfiction or something like this.
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Sounds good to me. Maybe they'll explore Lara's dark side. And we will get closer to classic Lara. I can see her in a catsuit breaking into Trinity Industries and going to Rome in a game under that title. Then the reboot series will have gone through all of Chronicles themes. And we can return to classic Lara in the jungle for part 4.
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Gian Carlo
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I'm actually finding this hilarious and sad, if it's real.

Hilarious because I always try to eavesdrop people's conversations or look on people's screen when I get close to Place Des Arts Metro, as this is where Eidos Montreal is situated, and I heard stories about employees not being so confidential when it comes to the project they work on. I also used to have someone inside the team who provided me with information related to the engine while they were working on Rise of The Tomb Raider. This could be totally accurate.

Sad because this poor employee probably thought no one would care, about what is written on his screen.

I think the title fits in the universe of the reboot.
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