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Default TR 1 & 2 on Android box?

I have no experience of Android boxes, I don't even know how they work but are they all that different to an android-based phone when it comes to interacting with apps?

Could I buy one, install TR 1 & 2, connect a 360 controller and play both of them in all their hd glory on a 40" screen?

The thought has me salivating. Somebody please tell me this is possible!
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It is possible, if the Android Box has an ARM architecture. I think. I installed RemixOS (an Android OS for desktop computers) on my PC, and as you know, it is based on Android x86, and I tried to play the TRs on it and I couldn't. I'm not sure though.
And even though some devices have ARM architecture they're still unsupported, I mean Google Play won't let you download, but in this case there's a loophole.
Hope this helps.
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i was able to play TR1 on Remix OS with my PC didnt tried TR2
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I just got myself a little Android TV box and gave this a go, TR1 is playing perfectly with the 360 controller plugged into the box's USB port!
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Yep same here, got my box (a Mini-X Neo X8-H Plus) and it is GLORIOUS. Got TR2 also of course, now if only we could get 3 and TLR.
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If you have a NVidia Shield box they've released TR1 on the Shield Games store to download, so that's at least one official Android box you can use. No idea about the 360 controller and if it supports it but the Shield controller works okay
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