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This is too hard.

It's probably Venice, Barkhang Monastery or St. Francis Folly.

Venice because it's one of the most beautiful levels designs ever and nostalgia.

Barkhang Monastery because it's really fun IF you don't shoot a monk. Idk, I just love this level so much, there's nothing about it that I don't like (again, if you don't shoot a monk. )

St. Francis Folly is amazing. That feeling of isolation, very few enemies and you're surrounded by cool puzzle rooms named after ancient Gods. It's fantastic both in TR1 and TR4.

Ok, there are more levels I LOVE, but at least I tried.
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saint francis folly - TR1, TRA
Louvre Galleries - AOD
Hall of Seasons - AOD
Madubu Gorge - TR3
Temple of Puna - TR3
Temple of Xian - TR2
Venice - TR2
40 Fathoms - TR2
Peru - TR1
Sanctuary of the Scion - TRA
Mexico - TRU
Thailand - TRU
Burial Chambers - TR4
Orrery - ROTTR
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Oh god so damn hard, especially with TR2 in mind. I like juggle between Barkhang Monastery, Temple of Xian, and Floating Islands often nowadays (especially after going through Floating Islands again, and grown to love it even more).
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Crash site - just lovely under every aspect, the atmosphere is absolutely spot on and there is a certain "lost world" vibe to it that made me fall in love with every single inch of this level.
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So many choices! I will pick Temple of Xian though as being my all time favorite level. This level is simply a masterpiece and encompasses all of the elements I want in a Tomb Raider level. First off, I love the level design and the whole level is oozing with atmosphere. Just all the details like the wall paintings and dragon markings on the wall really absorbs you into the level. I also love how the level focuses on traps as the main challenge. There are no human enemies and the animal enemies are there as just an annoyance. This is how I wish more levels in TRII were like. Finally, I love the complex design of the level. For example, when you find a key you don't know where it could open so you traverse the whole level and stopping at every keyhole hoping it's the right one. The whole surreal feeling of the level is the reason I love Classic TR games.

Runner-up for me though would be Palace Midas. Believe me, it's VERY close.
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This is tough. Gotta go with The Cistern though.
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Originally Posted by WWETombRaider View Post
This is tough. Gotta go with The Cistern though.
Wasn't keen on that level, first playthrough, but I love it now.

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Highland Fling, by far.

EDIT: (Oh, I have to say why)
I love Scotland, so I'm a bit biased.
Other than that, I love the level design, ESPECIALLY the part where you're on the bridge the first time and a camera cuts out to the other side of the glen and you see Lara's shape against the horizon's sun- so amazingly well-crafted!
I enjoyed the puzzles, and really loved the hidden quicksand tunnel.
College Grad studying Film Score and Screenplay. TR Fanatic.

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Aldwych. I just love how dark and moody this level is.
A real moldy, rotten tomb for the Damned, the masons, and the transportation system.
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To be honest i like all 146 core levels.
TR's 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 1 gold, 2 gold, 3 gold, 4 times level the best
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