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Default Kotaku: "Wow, Rise of the Tomb Raider was really good.

I had read our positive review of the 2015 Xbox One version of the game. I’d seen colleagues say it was one of the best things on that console. But I really had no idea how good Rise of the Tomb Raider was until I finally played it the PS4 version last month. I had assumed Uncharted 4 had eaten its lunch. Nope. This game’s great and still very impressive.
Just thought I'd post this. Nice to see someone be presently surprised by the game; but IMO it kinda shows us where a lot of people stand on this game. He speaks about how he almost didn't play it. He played UC4, so in his mind he, "checked that box" already.
In the comments he says he was, "shocked by how good it was"... (me: "really?") This guy is in the business of reviewing games, and all those good reviews somehow went over his head...

... how many people passed on this game because they just weren't looking for it... or because they were, but it wasn't available on their console... smh
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We here all know that it is!

Bu anyway SLAY Queen! Can't wait for 3rd game, i am NOT ready for what is coming!
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It's such a shame that inhibiting it on X1 really hurt mainstream recognition. Yes, all reviewers loved it and rightly so, but I feel it went (too) under the radar when it comes to the general public.
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Well, he's entitled to his opinion, I guess.
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I'm glad he enjoyed it
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I loved this in the comment section:

ROTR should be in a textbook at every school with a focus on making video games as how to reboot a series that hadn’t been a factor in years.
So true.
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I've already started writing the textbook:

Originally Posted by The crappiest textbook besides itself, which is honestly, the crappiest textbook
Find a couple of things you like about the game, it will be very hard to do this. When you find those few things that seem valuable to you, keep them and remove the rest. Once you're left with an incredibly vague definition of the game, start changing it completely. At this point in time, if the graphics are not on-par with the most gorgeous, console-exclusives in the industry, and the gameplay is not basically a shooter with optional extras, you've failed and you need to go back to the white board and try writing the word "combat" in a triangle again.
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Originally Posted by iWANEX View Post
So true.
Agreed. ^
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RotTR needs more love, so many people overlook it.
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Great write up!

It is a shame that this game seems to have gone under the radar a bit. It deserves the recognition.
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