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Default Tomb Raider: Anniversary - HD Texture Overhaul


This is a work-in-progress project to bring Tomb Raider: Anniversary's textures to a much higher quality. In Croft Manor for example, many textures are 128x128 pixels square, whereas my new textures sit around 1024x1024 to 2048x2048 and go as high as 4096x4096. Many, many hours have been spent on this mod so far and I anticipate working many hours more! Currently Croft Manor has been revamped along with Lara's default Anniversary outfit.

To anyone who may have followed my Anniversary Outfit and Croft Manor mod topics, firstly thank you so much for your support! Without it I may not have finished Croft Manor. Secondly, there are some updates here. The outfit has been improved to more closely resemble the original's, and stone textures in Croft Manor have been reworked to be more accurate.

I sincerely apologise again for making a third topic for my mods. When I first made the outfit and Croft Manor topics, I wasn't initially expecting to make any further mods, but now that I intend to continue bringing various aspects of TRA to HD, I think it would be much better to collect all my mods into one topic. Please don't shoot me!


Each mod has a Standard and an Ultra version. Ultra is the mod as I originally created it, with textures going as high as 4K, while Standard takes most of the Ultra textures and scales them in half to 2K or lower resolution. Standard should be fine for general usage, but if you're looking to run the game at 2160p or take screenshots I'd recommend going for Ultra. For Croft Manor's Ultra mod, please download packs 1 and 2 together as the mod is too large to combine into a single file.

Anniversary - Standard (Version 1.2)
Anniversary - Ultra (Version 1.2)

Croft Manor - Standard (Version 1.0)
Croft Manor - Ultra (1) (Version 1.0)
Croft Manor - Ultra (2) (Version 1.0)

HUD - Standard (Version 1.0)
HUD - Ultra (Version 1.0)

More to come! I'll be taking a short break after working on Croft Manor for the last few months, but hope to continue making HD mods from January onwards.


These TPF files are to be used with Texmod. A tutorial for using Texmod can be found here.

Please be aware that, due to the large number of textures in Croft Manor, you will be stuck with a black screen for a considerable length of time while it loads. I don't know if computer specs affect this, but on my PC (i7 4790k 4GHz, 16GB RAM, Nvidia GTX 970 4GB) it takes about 200 seconds to load the Ultra mod and 55 seconds to load the Standard mod. After clicking "Run" in Texmod, do not click anywhere or press any keys for this period of time, it will load eventually!


Click the thumbnails below to see 1080p screenshots of the original textures and the HD mod. Please note that Lara is shown in the 1.1 version of the Anniversary outfit - the 1.2 outfit's differences are subtle, but it's more natural and better matches the original textures.

Croft Manor 1.0 and Anniversary Outfit 1.1

HUD 1.0

Easter Eggs

I've put in a few easter eggs to the Croft Manor mod. These are references to things related to the Tomb Raider franchise, with a couple of nods to TR Forums specifically. I'd be interested to see if anyone can spot them all! Although a couple may be difficult to see without modifying the camera's position to zoom in...


Please do report any issues you find. I'm mainly interested in things like textures that should be seamless not tiling perfectly, but if you have constructive criticism to offer I'd like to hear it too. I do ask that general Core Design vs Crystal Dynamics discussion be kept away from this thread though - I haven't been on these forums long but I have noticed some strong bias for/against certain developers and games. This mod is for TRA, so if you're not a fan of TRA please keep your negative comments elsewhere.


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This got me excited at first because I thought you ported the PS3 trilogy Lara. But even though that wasn't the case, I noticed just how amazing this mod is. Lara looks superb and Croft Manor looks beautifully HD-ified. I definitely want to try this mod later tonight.
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Insta-download. Much apprechiated, JimbobJeffers!

On my system (Phenom II X4 955, 8 GB RAM, Radeon R9 270X 2GB, 2560x1440 screen) it takes six minutes from hitting "Run" in TexMod until reaching the main menu using the ultra version. Standard version takes one and a half minute.
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Loads the ultra in 72 seconds on my GTX 1080
Loads the standard in 34,3 seconds on my GTX 1080, really love the mod
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Amazaing !! Thank you

Excited to test this
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This is awesome dude!👍Will you be doing the rest of the levels too?
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Thanks for the kind words!

I didn't mention it above but Winston has 4K textures, I gave his skin and clothes more detail, because he deserves some attention after all those years of being locked in the fridge.

Originally Posted by Patie View Post
This is awesome dude!👍Will you be doing the rest of the levels too?
I certainly hope to! After a short hiatus during the Christmas holidays, I'll probably start with bringing Lara's weapons and outfits to HD, then when they're done I'll move onto the first level.
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Apologies for the double post, it's been a few days and I have something new I wanted to share. I've begun work on HUD elements to make them sharper by rendering the relevant objects in Blender, which also makes the icons more representative of the in-game model. The lighting, posing and camera could maybe be tweaked a little better but it should do fine for now (click for full 1080p screenshots):


New - Large medipack, small medipack and pistols

Yeah so I said I wouldn't work on this any more until the new year, but whatever, it's fun. Also these new textures are double the resolution shown here so will look great in 4K too, assuming the HUD is scaled accordingly.

I hope you all have a merry Christmas!

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Excellent work so far!!! Well, IMO you'll have a HUGE work to do... textures' quality in TRA is truly bad!!!
Could I make a suggestion? In order for the game to accumulate a truly HD effect, it would be really nice to change the water textures into more ''realistic'' ones (Like the ones in Next-Gen TRL, or the XBOX360-PS3 ports of TRA). Of course, if it's difficult or impossible, it's ok
Merry Christmas... and keep up the good work

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Alex Fly
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Looking better and better !
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