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Default Tomb Raider Anniversary-Next Gen Mod?

Is there any mod available, that makes the PC port look like the XBOX360/PS3 one? Or any mod that has extracted the Legend Next-Gen textures and implements them to TRA? I especially like the realistic water textures that the afforementioned ports have... and I would like to have them in place of these unrealistic, colourful water textures the PC port of TRA has. I have seen some mods, that claim to make the game ''look like XBOX360/PS3''....but it's just messing with the colours and the saturation (nothing like Next Gen Content at all).
Thank you very much in advance
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I remember, I was going to do this but it would take a long time. Initially I thought of creating a tool to read the PS3 models, their materials and textures then read the PC models and update them with what's missing. IIRC TRA PC never used fancy shaders or normal/specular maps etc so it's not fully possible.

Link removed. I appreciate why, but the rule applies to everyone.
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