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Barb Lou
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Unhappy Baba Yaga-Fina Document!

Hi,all,I've really enjoyed BY,but have encountered trouble at the very last hurdle,the Final Document. Each time I shoot the high spool it only sticks to the lower spinning one for a second before falling away. What am I doing wrong? Or is this a known bug? Barb Lou.
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It is very tricky to get it.

maybe use a Trainer to jump higher to get it.
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You don't need a trainer for it unless you want to cheat.

There are probably some good walkthroughs on YouTube though... but it's been a long time since I did that section.

Is this the timed platform that you have to rope and attach to the crank? I had a really hard time with that one as well more because of the scripted jump not activating (Lara wouldn't grab the ledge).


Here's a step by step walkthrough

And here's a video. Hope that helps.
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Yeah it's very frustrating that one, took me at least 20 goes because there's always something that goes wrong, and the time limit is so tight.

Mostly for me she didn't even attempt to grab the ledge from (or onto) the basket, she just smashed into it face first and scraped down.

Just keep trying, you only need to get it once.
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Barb Lou
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Smile THANK YOU,GUYS! Re Final Document in Baba Yaga.

I just got that final document,and thank you to Berta,Horus-Goddess and 9006 for the help and encouragement. I realised that,even though the rope appears to break off,it still raises that platform. I also found,through trial and error,that I had been shooting the spool a little too early. When I left it til the last moment before it reached the tall pale column I'd to dash to grab the lower plat as it swung by the vat,but doing that meant that I'd time for two grapple-jumps,to the pale column, then from the second plat to the document staging.I had tried this so many times, that I was about to give up!
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I gave up on that. I don't even bother trying anymore. It's ridiculous.

Edit: Well, I tried again. Once more. Just for the kick in the teeth.


The advice to grapple from the third platform is CRUCIAL. That's how I did it. I don't know how the HELL any of you guys are able to just jump in time before the platform drops, but that DOESN'T work for me. So to whomever gave me that advice (I forget who), you have my thanks.
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