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Patrick star
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Take the model of ROTTR , tone down the puffy fringe , make eyes a little bit up-turned , make the jaw slightly narrower and keep everything else the exact same . Either that or make her exactly like her CGI renders , both options are perfect for me .
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Something like this

With the face of turning point trailer.
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Something like this, for me:

I think face-wise, they've pretty much nailed it in Rise -- just continue to refine it, adding more detail, more varied expressions, etc. Her hair I think is fine the way it is -- maybe add a couple of inches to the ponytail length to denote the passage of time (& the fact she hasn't bothered to trim it). Body wise, maybe add a slight bit of definition -- but don't go too far & make her look like Linda Hamilton in T2.
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I like your cover @doppel, especially outfit wise this looks very cool.
Throwing the twin holster onto her is a seemingly a small thing, but has a huge effect in terms of aesthetic.

Personally i dont want her ever to wear the shorts etc, doesnt seem to work for me with the overall character model and the design of the world.

If they make her hair a bit longer, make her a bit more defined in face and body, thats pretty much it.
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Originally Posted by Phlip View Post

This face and proportions of reboot Lara + longer ponytail and keep the hair around her face like in AOD or LAU.
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If CD captured this expression for in-game Lara, she would be my perfect Lara.
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Originally Posted by pipermaru View Post

If CD captured this expression for in-game Lara, she would be my perfect Lara.
Ooh I love that, it is perfect! One thing I would change though is the ponytail, I want the braid back The braid seems more practical too. Her hair is too puffy in ROTTR, too many bangs so less of them. She is jumping and running all the time, why would someone like Lara want hair flinging on their face all the time?
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I've not a "perfect Lara" for it since I'm not a supporter of Crystal, but I like to create characters.

Points are:
- Crystal's tradition is to change her face a lot title by title, so it will change for sure.
- Rihanna Pratchett written the character in reboot, so she would be as less sexy as possible, and weak.

This means that we have to imagine her like:
- Not the same face of Rottr
- Without resemblances with the original and LAU Lara Croft, so no Legend's outfits, no braid, no boobs, no naked belly, no bigger lips ecc.

I think they will reduce the fluffy fringe, if I am not wrong they said it was an error of the artists so they'll fix it, but since the game is teenage oriented (even if she'll be grown up) and it's under Square Enix I can't expect a "no fringe" version at all, nor with some hair like AOD. I think we have to consider anyway the face full of hair.
Another thing is to make her fits into the environment with the outfit, so, if it will be horror is a thing, and if it will be sunny in the jungle it is another thing. It seems that Crystal is been always fantasy/dark oriented after Legend and I don't expect an indiana jones adventure and environments, but again something cold and grey, like going in a northern city, going in mountains ecc.

Considering these things, I think the rest on which we can propose realistic ideas are: editing the face's traits without uplifted eyes and big lips, editing the main facial expression she assumes, editing the body proportions, editing the hair considering the fringe, choose the colours of the outfit, making the outfit based on the environment (when we'll know it), editing the weapons, and adding some items that don't disturb the mood.

Then maybe they'll surprise us with straight up short hair, or a chubby and curvy character, or a badass scar on the face, or she's married with a woman with adopted children to care, or she'll be dressed in jeans and XXL t-shirt like hipsters, or she'll be with darker skin, or who knows.
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I'd keep the cute face but make her look stronger. As for the body. After what I saw from the comics I think she could look like this.
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