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Gian Carlo
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Thank God
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Hopefully this means an overhaul in ethos for the writing and story direction, Jesus of Nazareth knows it was needed. I just hope that in order for that to happen, she hasn't had any input for the next TR.
Originally Posted by ESCachuli View Post
She never understood Lara, not even tried to, she just got a lot of prejudice towards her and Core games. And as a writter, she isn't anything special, TR2013 and RotTR are clichés fests, daddy issues...
Well said.
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Well good luck to whatever she planning on doing next.
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PLEASE hire a fan of the classics.
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Originally Posted by Lara_Fan1 View Post
Good riddance I say, now let's get an actual good writer for the team.
They'll never have a good writer when all anyone will ever do is connect the poorly drawn dots CD make. It doesn't matter who they bring in to write the third game if anyone cause they had the trilogy penned from the off and that's where the trouble lies- they'll have to operate in those confines as opposed to creating a great story and cast. I don't think Rihanna was the best writer and I'm not a fan of her Lara contributions but not everything was her fault like some seem to think. CD have good ideas but they cannot realise them and want too much involvement. For the next new arc they should give their core idea to a writer and let them do their thing. I still think the reason Angel of Darkness, for all its faults and even in its butchered state, has the best story because Murti Schofield was allowed to do his thing unhindered by core who knew their limits in that aspect.
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Hire Vicky Arnold.
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I don't know how to feel tbh.
I am kinda sad. But at the same time excited about what's next.

Wish her all the best.
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Very sad to hear this. I know a lot of people don't like the way she took the games but from a RATIONAL point of view if the Origins of Lara Croft is a trilogy I hope she wrote most of the bulk for game 3 "Shadow of the Tomb Raider" so at least the storylines and the trajectory they put Lara on is consistent.

The last thing you want to be perfectly blunt would be someone who wants "Core Design" Lara to write game 3 because critics will tear it apart if the trajectory is way off from the first two games. Hopefully they will finish their origins vision in game 3 then they can start fresh with the next trilogy of games and whether or not that's going to be more reminiscent of a Core Lara or whatever it is.

I still predict end of game 3 Lara will transform into something a lot like the character you see in the Lara Croft franchise like Temple Of Osiris or Lara Croft Go. It's been noted that's it's a much stronger brand than the TR franchise.
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What a great news to read.

I've never been a fan of her personal take on the TR saga and the way she acted with regards of the classic iterations. Now there's no guarantee that the writing wil actually improve in the upcoming games but at least she's out of the picture, which is something.
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I hope Crystal is next!
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