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Originally Posted by Patrick star View Post
And all of that is because of the world being made of blocks .
Not because, but the blocks, their size and the simplicity of the polygons certainly makes this easier to achieve and operate.

It was perfectly possible for me to tell what platform that should be used (stood upon) and it gets me somewhere , and what platform that's slide-y/slippery , what's the ladder texture that's obviously useful and what's simple decoration , you can be in a place with many objects that are swing-able but the rope that should be used for that is always easily sticking out etc .
I don't think anyone wants interaction to be concealed. I think what they want is less linearity or obviousness, I would assume.

My issue hasn't been with "white" ledges for a long time, since no matter what you do, we will learn the game's language and we will know where to go when we see certain characteristics or conditions in the environment.

But less obvious forms of communication and much greater consistency is always a plus, especially when we've devolved in this subject.
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