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I bought a PS4 myself just so I could play Uncharted 4, and I don't regret it.

If you have a basic television, buying and hooking up a PS4 will turn it into a smart TV. You can access YouTube, Spotify, and Netflix in addition to other internet streaming services straight from your TV. Plus a PS4 also acts as a Blu-Ray and DVD player, of course. By buying a PlayStation you get more than just a game console, you get an all-in-one media player.

But, even thought I bought the game specifically for UC4, I knew down the line I'd eventually be buying Rise of the Tomb Raider, Mirror's Edge Catalyst, and Final Fantasy XV as well. I got my PS4 for $350; I know it's cheaper now, but it's still a pretty steep price to pay for one game and a streaming player.
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Don't buy a console just for 2 games. The console's platform must have a continuous proven reputation for games that you enjoy. For me for example, PlayStation has always and continues to give me the kinds of games I like to play, both exclusive and multi-platform, whereas I can count on ONE finger the Xbox games I've been interested in since the platform launched.
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I don't know if this is good advice, but my personal experience starting about a month ago was: I had gotten away from gaming for years, caught a bad cold, dusted off my PS4 and untouched TR 2013 (definitive ed.) for something to do while sick, blown away by how fun it was, picked up ROTTR (20th anniversary ed.), equally fun though in some different ways, and now I'm reluctantly moving on to other games.

I had an amazing ride returning to TR these past few weeks. If you have a good gaming PC or an XBone, TR is probably just as good on either of those. If not, I think you'll discover other PS4 games that you like if you start looking for them.
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