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Default Would Episodic Tomb Raider Game Work?

I think that there was once similar thread about this topic, if i remember well. But i need to know what's your opinion on this??

I was against it, but after playing HITMAN and playing more episodic games in last few years i have to say that imo. Episodic TR game would work well. IO Interactive did amazing job with HITMAN, Dontnod with LiS... etc. And i am sure that ppl would love Episodic TR game.

It could be a spin-off and not having any connection with reboot series or they could do it after the 3rd game.

My dream Episodic TR game would be 5-6 episodes, released every 2nd month. Every episode would be on different location. Game would be focused more on exploring and platforming, puzzles solving, discovering treasures and raiding tombs. Every episode would be one open world map, or one map containing 3-4 smaller hubs. Game wold also have good story that connects all the episodes. With longer cutscenes opening and closing every episode.

What is your opinion about this? Would you like Episodic TR game? Or you are against it? If yes why? If no why?

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Episodic games work for things that are firmly story-telling based, not exploration based.
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I dunno if it could work, I'm just not keen on the idea. I prefer to have the whole game there to play at my own pace. It's not so I can rush through it, but neither do I want to get to the end of a chapter and have to wait for the next one. It would be like a book being sold a chapter at a time with a gap in between, just...no (if the story is good). It makes me anxious just thinking about it. .

Btw, how does one ride a tomb?
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^ You could wait for all the episodes to be released then play?

Originally Posted by ThatSassyKid View Post
Episodic games work for things that are firmly story-telling based, not exploration based.
HITMAN's story was pretty meh imo. And game is gameplay based and it worked out well. So... yeah.

Episodic TR game would have interesting story too but it would be more about traveling across the world, discovering different locations, solving puzzles... etc.

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Well, I'm not a huge fan of it but... there's a chance to make it good on Tomb Raider. As long as there's one huge hub in each episode and that they're variated.
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If designed with the episodic format in mind, I can see it working. But by your suggestions it looks like you want a different complete game every two months, which is insane! Probably reading it wrong, but if not, it would be better to lower your expectations.

This episodic games would probably work better with the Lara Croft brand, though. But it could work with the main tomb raider brand as well. As I see it, it could work like this:

The game would have 3 fairly big episodes (5 hours each of main story each +side content, for a 3-act plot). Each episode would have:
  • One hub area
  • One to two large main-story tombs
  • Minimum 3 side/challenge tombs
  • one boss battle/boss situation

Each episode would be in a different geographical area with a different environment, and the games would be more about exploration and puzzle solving and less about action and set-pieces (although they would exist at least with the boss battle/situation, for an epic episode ending). Also, 100% completing one episode could unlock secret contents in the next one. Like a new subplot or something like that.

If i think of something else I'll post here
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NO. They talked about doing this around the time of AOD and I was horrified. The only episodic content of Tomb Raider I want to see is a Saturday morning cartoon in the style of the old xmen and GI Joe shows.
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Episodic games only work for games like Life is Strange, not an action adventure like Tomb Raider.
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Edit: ^ I disagree.

Just idea of having 5 different locations in TR game sounds like a heaven and dream come true to me. That's why i said 5 episodes/locations. I would be happy with episodes being 3-4h each to 100%. That would be around 20h of gameplay.

I am not sure about bosses at the end of each episode. Maybe bigger tomb/puzzle? Boss batle sounds unrealistic and wouldn't fit in what i imagined.
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Lyle Croft
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Maybe for a Lara Croft game.
But it would be in the style graphically like TRA/TRU.

It would also be in Third-person and I think it could work.
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