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This looks absolutely fabulous, please keep going! I love the 'after' screens when you made them more contrast and saturated, they are more colourful and like the original

However, I think the water should be bit darker, and add a hint of teal colour to it

Love the website
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Wow these look absolutely beautiful! I can't wait to play the full game with your textures! Thanks for all your hard work
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I just love the improved textures! I hope you can give TRLE builders the possibilty to use those textures for their levels, with credits to you of course
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I just found this... really nice and very close to original style which is always important for a good remaster.
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This still looks stunning! I love how things are looking, and with Peixotoís draw distance mod, itíll look even better, Iím sure.
I love the way you donít give up and donít let go.
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I like the idea how it looked before with the textures as it had all of a lack of originality! Therefore I rather move forward onto something new as I think it's going to look all boring with the same colored textures that's out there! So I recommend that you make those textures optional for me to use in my pc version of Tomb Raider 3 if you don't mind as much as I think that the early textures look a whole lot better instead of using the same old boring colored textures as it has similarity to the original textures.
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This looks amazing, can't wait to see more.
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Default Crash Site first Screenshot

What about this new horizon of the Crash Site Level!?
This level is in WIP, the rock textures on the right will be improved...

Almost done this this level!
Some of the textures are the same as the Coastal Village Level... so this one will be easier...

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