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Apparently their wedding was supposed to take place on May 5th, but Cena was getting cold feet. I'm glad they called it quits. It's better to end a relationship last minute than living a miserable marriage. Nikki was sacrificing too much and received little in return. It's clear Cena was having commitment issues and was controlling her, but at the very least he was honest and upfront about it, so it was all Nikki's choice to go along or not. The sad part is that 6 years really just went out the window.

Originally Posted by irishhips View Post
I'm not a fan of Nikki, I prefer Brie, she's more mature and humble
I would dispute that actually. Brie seems to be so much more bossy and bad tempered. The whole beef with AJ Lee seems to be stemming from the fact that Brie was jealous about AJ having an on screen affair with Daniel Bryan in 2012 while Brie and Bryan were dating in real life. She was being all sassy and cocky on twitter about it and I'm sure that spilled into the backstage atmosphere. Besides this (and I know it's pretty much fake), but she's also a total bitch on Total Divas. She would always go ahead and make decisions involving Nikki without consulting her and little things like that.
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