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Yuna´s Wish
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Dark Souls 3

It's almost a month until DS Remastered is released, so I just had to relive some glorious Soulish experiences. I'm in New Game +, not very far into the Undead Settlement. This time I'll go for two quests I normally void by choosing the opposite paths: I'll help Sirris and Anri. I'm kind of excited because I barely remember how these quests progress, so it'll be kind of "new" to me

And, of course, I'm enjoying the journey quite a lot :-)
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Daring Do
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More Horizon Zero Dawn. I can't stop playing it. Please send help.
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Just finished COD WW2 Campaign..
It was OK - kind of annoyed it ended so abruptly.. though it could have carried on.
It was all kind of same-y too - the city levels were cool I guess.
Deffo nowhere near as good as Modern Warefare or Black Ops...

Tried the Zombies Mode.. its Mehhh - never understood the appeal for it
I liked the Survival Missions and Siege type games from MW 2 and 3 (where its pretty much the same thing but human enemies with guns and no powerups)
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Tomb Raider
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Crash Bandicoot 2.

After finishing the frustratingly hard Crash 1, I now moved on to the second one, which I have never played even during the PS1 era. It looks a lot more enjoyable so far (finished 5 levels and a boss fight) since Crash has more moves at his disposal.
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