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Richard was getting too close, and might have ended up finding out that Ana was a mole. Also I think he wasn't making progress fast enough? Maybe they thought they would tie up a loose end that didn't seem to be going anywhere. No way they would have let him live.

And I doubt Richard would have killed himself where he knew Lara would find him, let alone so violently. He doesn't seem that impulsive to just throw away his life's work that he put so much time and effort into, leave behind his daughter and partner, thrown them both into financial ruin without a will. I think he would have prepared for it if he was going to do it.

The guy who breaks into the house to steal the book shows how easy it would have been to enter to kill Richard - or Lara. He was onto something. His being discredited would only be temporary as he was convinced that the Divine Source was real - he just had yet to find it.

Overall, I thought it was pretty clear that he didn't kill himself. Ana's final speech says that if she wouldn't, someone else would. It was a staged suicide, which is why even Lara didn't think he killed himself after Ana's speech (or that's what I inferred).
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Yup, this.
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I think people should see this video again. It's clearly stated that Richard didn't care about his reputation and was close to an important discovery. He also says to the person he's speaking with, not to threaten him. Why would he kill himself? Makes zero sense.

That, and the fact that Anna says Trinity ordered his execution. If she wasn't able to do it, I'm sure they sent another person to finish the job. It's not very difficult to connect the dots.

Another hint I just noticed in the video is that after Lara sees her dead father with the gun, the camera pans to an open window indicating that someone could have escaped through it. I doubt CD would animate that scene just for nothing.

Anyway, there's no definitive answer here but everything that CD tells us in the game points to Richard being murdered.

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