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No thanks. Fans are already putting lots of effort into engines that play the classics, and the progress many have made is outstanding already. If CD/SE released a remaster it would demotivate the developers of said engines. It would take a few years from now to release the remaster too I suppose and by then the engines might even have the games fully playable by then.

Why do I prefer fans' work you might ask, well because 1: They already put so much love, effort and work in it already that it'd be a a hugr shame have it go to waste or halted. 2: Fans will give the classic games a treatment that SE never will. They wouldn't bother making the games look much better than they do now, unlike we would. They would go for 1080p (fakeish) 60fps tops. No normal mapping, realtime shadowing, and realistic water like OpenLara already has. And 3: Why port the games to consoles now when in 6-8 years from now the current consoles will start to become obsolete when the fan engines will still be updated and improve?
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