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Default What counts as my first TR experience?

Watching a friend play the TR original game on PlayStation, or Saturn can't remember — The Caves level to be exact. I remember the room w/ the bridges and the vines dangling below the bear pit quite well. Must of been 9 or 10yrs old.

Or obtaining a copy of TRII for PC a couple months before the release of TRIII and playing TR for myself?

In a way, I guess TR1-3 are my favorites because I obtained all these games around the same time around the release of Tomb Raider III.
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According to the official guidelines adopted by the all-forum TR experience definition committee, the first experience is the first time you paid it at least half of all your available attention for a span of at least ten minutes, and formed a memory that lasted at least six years. If you think these rules are too restrictive, you can always apply for an exemption, though.
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