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Exclamation Sketchup to Strpix

Hi, I'm learning how to create basic objects with Sketchup software, but I think I'm doing something wrong when exporting:

↓ ↓ ↓

And this is how it looks in Strpix, exported in .3DS (it also looks the same with the other formats (.obj, .dxf...) )

Why all these triangle edges all around the table???
Did someone has experience with Sketchup to Strpix??
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I don't know sketchup, but that happens when you merge all the items together or consider them as a group... maybe using booleans also.
I would also check exporting options
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The Great Chi
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I think that you are not finishing the faces of the meshes, you should click all four corners of the rectangular mesh and then click away to complete the rectangular face.

If you think it is an export problem, try transferring the DXF to PixStr, and see the result.

PS....I have never used Sketchup, but prefer to use 3D Metasequoia using DXF format for creating meshes with PixStr, and works fine and scaling into the Tomb Raider 3D world is easy. Though you cannot transfer textures.
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It looks like it automatically triangulates faces, which is sort of a good thing, but it doesn't do it in the most desired way possible. I'm guessing this is Sketch's behavior and thus you might not be able to do much with it, except for going to Meta or other 3D editing program to fix up the faces.
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^ That's exactly what happen; Sketchup triangulates faces. I already tried changing export options in the software to not triangulate the faces, but I think it's impossible.
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You do appare to have faces with more than four vertices in your original mesh (the side faces where the legs link up to the tabletop - unless the legs are separate meshes?) which a lot of game engines and even some 3D software don't like very much (not sure how it is with the old TR engine). Could be the reason why Sketchup triangulates it on export?
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