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Originally Posted by yaron View Post
Do you think Lara would be hyper realistic in the new game?

I want you the see this:


What do you think? Can CD make something like this?
(The Rotter model is not that far from this)

Hey Yaron, welcome back.
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It's not really a question of can they make it. Their artists are certainly talented enough to create character models of that quality. The real questions are whether it can run on current-gen hardware (no) and whether they actually want to go for 100% photorealistic characters (which I don't think they do based on Rise's character designs).
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Perhaps it could run like old games did, being prerendered in a more powerful machine and downscaled to current console specs. Like some things from Rise on XOne that were used on 360. Like FMVs that were used as parts of the scenarios in PS1 Square RPGs. I don't deem it necessary for her to look so real, though.
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I think they could make her even more realistic but it would take so long when in the same time they could make the game longer or add more puzzles. The level of detail on Lara is perfectly good enough now.
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