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Originally Posted by jajay119 View Post
I love that FMV Lara model.
I think I know the person who made it

I'm guessing xX_Alexis_girl_Xx ?
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Axelia and Mrshina

Edit: but as you can see xX_Alexis_girl_Xx is in the team as well, but... her "duty" is something else this time. x)

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Looks amazing, it's much more detailed... and those textures, i have no idea where you get those.
Is there any way to get the projected shadows from the dreamcast version and footprints from the PS2 version? Or there is no way to tweak the engine in a deeper way? Would be interesting
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^Nope. I think the next best thing would be waiting for one of the fan engines to be complete if you want fancier effects like that. I just hope that when one they are done, we'll be able to port TR4HD to it/them.
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