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Originally Posted by Melonie Tomb Raider View Post
They wanted TR for the image of having one, not because they were counting on big sales figures. After the MS exclusivity deal, Rise's sales were not dependent on copies sold. SE already made the money they wanted from the deal, and MS got their action/ adventure title with amazing reviews. SE getting money + Xbox looking like a more complete and prestige platform = mission accomplished exactly as they intended.
This. I think the same too. Everything that happened with Rise was measured to perfection. If they sold less for a useless exclusive, the money was going to be recovered somehow. In this case, as you said, with the exclusivity of Microsoft.

I do not think we have to worry about developing SOTTR. We will have to be patient and wait. I hope they do not make an ad campaign as bad as Rise, where the information was given too long. Some news, talk about the game, show some image. But do not do the same as with Rise.
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Originally Posted by TheDetectiveXx View Post
or hopefully they are fixing their broken ass game
Are you talking about the PS4 version or what?
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