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I have some questions related to controls and animation.

1. Since Lara turns in place without planting her foot to change direction, or leaning to the sides to turn sharply, how are you going to apply her animations in 360 degrees?

2. Is she going to rotate to where the analog stick is pulled before she starts running forward relative to herself and without the latter being up on the pad?

3. And what about pulling the opposite direction of where she's facing? Is she going to hop and walk backwards or roll in case she is already running?

Thanks in advance, and please, ask if you didn't understand.
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Ado Croft
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Another update, great job again. This engine is getting better and better. When I play some level in TR1 a had an original TR1 feeling from that. And also can't wait to pathfinder thank you very much for your great work
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Lightbulb [REQUEST] Libretro port (including RetroArch and more)

Will you please consider porting the OpenTomb game-engine into a Libretro (API) game core?


This would allow us to use OpenTomb in frontends that supports Libretro such as RetroArch (Lakka, RetroPi (Emulation Station), and Kodi v18 (Leia) which all integrated support for the Libretro API which enables them to run game cores that have been ported to the Libretro API.

As a few examples pf similar ports you could look at OpenLara, Tyrquake, and prboom ports:




PS: This is a re-posting from GitHub here:


Also posted request on Libretro forums:


Libretro uses bountysource.com so likley to post a bounty:

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For some reason I cannot get the cam_distance console command to have any effect. Can anyone help me out?

I would like to go first-person mode like you can in OpenLara's WebGL build by pressing "V". Thanks.
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It's impossible to guess without any details. I have a first person view by using cam_distance(0) on game console. But it's actually not very useful because Lara's head is in FOV.
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Turns out I was using the wrong syntax. cam_distance=0 instead of cam_distance(0). Thanks vvsgh. cam_distance (-110) works alright and Lara's head doesn't pop in and out as badly.
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