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Wait so you can use the tomb4.exe with the TombNextGen.dll and still have plugins and FLEP?
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Originally Posted by Titak
because as far as I know, nothing has changed in the tomb4.exe itself
Emphasis on the "as far as I know".
But I could be wrong.
Worth a try I'd say.
Got to get that red icon tomb4.exe from somewhere, right?
So the one that comes with would be your best bet if any of the 1.3.0.* updates don't have it included.

And it's the .dll that does the patching on the fly, right?
Well, perhaps that's not the right term for it, I'm not tech savvy that way, but it is the .dll that does its stuff in the game. It is not al embedded in the tomb4.exe itself.

Well, whatever it is that makes it work, it does work for me. with two plugins installed and working, and a FLEP-patched red tomb4.exe.
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