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Default Which Tomb Raider location would you love to explore in real life?

As the title says, and why.
I would love to explore Siberia and Kitzeh from ROTTR, the ruins and everything out there are so beautiful, the ancient city was amazing and I loved to explore that level, the cave from the optional tomb ( Chamber of Exorcism ) was amazing as well.
Geothermal Valley had stunning views and I liked its climate.
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The Floating Islands
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Good question. City of Vilcabamba would be cool, I liked the village feel and how it looked lived in. I'd love to explore Helheim - those dead end corridors must have lead to somewhere. Definitely Kitezh.

And I really wanna explore more of the Blood Ties manor. I see entire inaccessible sections through the windows and that is unacceptable.
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Lara's Home. I wanna see that giant freezer.
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The entirety of Greece TR1/Anniversary comes to mind

And for a lovely vacation spot, Underworld's Thailand.
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China (which I am going to in 4 days ), Nevada would be cool, the Floating Islands, Laraís Home(s), Japan. Gosh thereís loads actually. Iíd love to visit all the places she goes to be honest.
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Probably Atlantis or TR1's Egypt.
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If Iím guaranteed to not die during the exploration then Iíd like to do any of the classic levels. Theyíre all pretty cool if you can imagine them in real life. TR1ís Peru to TR2ís Venice. TR3ís Aldwych to TR4ís Karnak. TR5ís Black Isle to Angel of Darknessís Hall of Seasons. Iíd explore any of the levels!
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Ireland. I would crap my pants but it would be oh so worth it.
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Lara's homes for sure!
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