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^ Theresa won't listen. She has built up quite a reputation over the years for doing exactly that. She was hugely unpopular and had various disagreements as home secretary with customs and border staff.

That drunk politician Ken Clarke also spilled the beans on-camera of her being a tough cookie (and not in a driven way - more like a pig-headed way).

When her constituent tried to sit down and talk with her - she wasn't listened to http://www.theneweuropean.co.uk/top-..._may_1_4807899

When Sturgeon has sat down with her (incl. Other devolved nations representatives) Theresa ignores and doesn't even bother to look at any papers/proposals).

Theresa looked awkward, out of place and disinterested in various photoshoots at Brussels

A person like that doesn't change. A person like that on the international stage does not build bridges and forge relationships or build on cameraderie. A person like that either alienates, or at best is "tolerated".

Sturgeon on the other hand, or indeed other politicians, while having their faults - you can absolutely see Sturgeon building relationships on the international stage.

Looking beyond Brexit, this is what you have to bear in mind. Long term where is Theresa going to lead her country internally and on the world stage? I've made my predictions...
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