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Originally Posted by Jorje Croft View Post
I think we already saw signs of it when they opened the tomb.

Yaas, I was never her N1 fan but always respected her talents and I'm happy she was casted instead someone who would start VOGUEING there.

Has anyone else noticed when Lara tells Ana she thought she saw her dad again, maybe it'll be like in Blood Ties when there's a flash of Amelia but instead it's Richard when she returns to the mansion?
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A lot of people who disliked the first trailer are warming up to the movie thanks to the second one.
The definitive Lara Croft has less emotion than Kristen Stewart.
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Originally Posted by James_Rutland View Post
aaaaahhhhh why do so many people love her performance!!! Such cheese.

Originally Posted by jflb View Post
Is it possible that Lara also has a wound on her waist as in the game? Look at the position of the arm:


It's like this:


BUT the image of Lara on the beach during the film isn't the arrival to Yamatai, because when Lara arrives she has the backpack and is beaten by someone:


Another thing that I have noticed, this image in what moment? Day or night? Is it the arrival to the island or is it later? In addition, the arm position and blood, indicate the wound in her waist

Thats a cool comparison!!! Im pretty sure the last shot is near the end because she has the wound on her face and she gets that from the spike traps that I'd assume are in the tomb, unless more of the island is booby trapped. Not sure about the top ones, they could be at the end too though itd be odd since she's alone.

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I can't see some epic percussion orchestration during the rapid scenes. I think the will get a decent Audience score to be honest even if it isn't a critical darling. The Greatest Showman springs to mind performance wise. Moderate financial success, good with audiences and not a huge critical hit but still a well enough profit to turn at the box office.
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