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Default Is there going to be a TR3 release?

I was wondering if sometime TR3 will be released for Android and iOS...
I really want that :-/
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No, the source code for the game has been lost. RealTech has tried to locate the source code, but so far it's just gone. I really would like a port of TR3 on IOS/Android as well, but I don't think that will ever happen.

The only way we could get TR3 possibly ported is if the game was remade from scratch, like OpenLara. But that takes time and resources that I'm not sure that RealTech nor Square are really interested in investing at the moment, if ever.
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If it was possible, I'd really like to understand how a person could play TR3 on a smartphone since it's the most hard title by far among the whole series lol (Have you a joypad adapter for smartphone or something?).

To play it, I suggest to buy it from GoG and to play it on your PC with a joypad adapter (an adapter costs less than 3-4 € on Ebay and you can use your PSX controllers, fake PSX controllers, Xbox controllers ecc, all!). While on GoG you have the set of TR1-2-3 for 8-9 €, about: https://www.gog.com/game/tomb_raider_123
Requirements are so low that you can really use it on a very old pc if you don't have a gaming pc! You can use it also on a very little laptop pc I guess.
Or you can also buy a second hand PSX, + TR3, since its price is very low on Ebay (it is not already an antiquate piece, almost). But on PSX version there are saving crystals that add another layer of difficulty, while on PC version you can save where you want. Anyway PSX and its games work still today with no flaws in most of cases. I still play them all with no problems...
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How can you lose a source code for one of the best selling PS1 title???

BTW If they won't be able to find the source code, they won't release it....ever. TR3 is one of the most, if not the most difficult TR out there, its controls on phone are horrendous and there are not many people who would buy it... even for 2 €. So from the financial standpoint, it's not profitable.

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Originally Posted by dinne View Post
If it was possible, I'd really like to understand how a person could play TR3 on a smartphone since it's the most hard title by far among the whole series lol (Have you a joypad adapter for smartphone or something?).
These are great for Android TV boxes, with a game pad of course.
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So, with the recent news that RealTech VR (the people responsible for porting TR1 & 2 to iOS/Android) are remastering TR 1, 2 AND 3 for the PC, how likely is it that we’ll get TR3 on iOS/Android??

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I'm sure it's imminent now. The chance is more likely to happen now than ever before.
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Please make the controls better. Controlling Lara on iOS is a nightmare!
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The project is cancelled !
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Jason Kilich
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That's the reason I have depression now R.I.P Sexy Croft 3 for Android / Ios
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