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Mac Daddy
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Originally Posted by -Roli- View Post
Tomb Raider 1-like modification I made some time ago using Horus-Goddess' models.

I think that the texture for her top should be blurred and smoothed, as they her torso like edgy and triangle-ish.

The on on the left is your image and the one on the right is something I just edited quickly.

I also think her nose needs to be made a little bit wider, as it looks rail thin like Michael Jackson's nose. Other than that, it looking good.
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I don't think it needs to be changed. With the current brightness it looks a lot like a more detailed FMV Lara. If anything perhaps make the abs a little less defined, but it's really okay as it is.
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@axelia LOVE the Tr3 Lara with the new textures. Absolutely well done. Lara looks like a work of art!

@roli really liking this Lara! Her face looks a little too soft in my opinion Like she's too nice... too innocent? You did a nice job keeping the details in line with the TR1 model.

@raider99 oooh a jointed TR1 Lara! Nice. I'll want to have it in my collection once it's released.
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