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One thing is for sure she isn't a cold heartless killer.
I believe Adrian Smith stated that the team saw moments where she attack humans (typically especially in AOD) as gameplay intended and not canon as Lara isn't meant to be like that.

Its also pretty clearly expressed in the games (prior to LAU) she can be incredibly forgiving and even sweet and that she is protective of friends and she in Last Revelation seems to have a lot of admiration for strong people to a degree if I remember correctly in city of the dead where she sheds a tear for the man.

LAU Lara is exactly the same as Core era Lara (apart from mommy and daddy) except that LAU Lara forgot the definition of anger and tends to be way too calm for most of the game. Her classic identity I'd personally say shines most in Legend in the Japan part.

Point is she is definitely not a bad person. Lara was always a good person just obsessed with her hobby. The games were based essentially on what she found fun, maybe with the exception of Last Revelation which started off with her pretty much having fun, just things turned for the worse.

Reboot Lara on the other hand is genuinely a different person. Not saying worse person but they clearly aren't the same. You can have play Legend and Last Revelation and see Lara at a young age was actually quite mature for her age and had a wit (especially in last revelation).Their identities whilst growing up and the way they reach their personalities are different.
You can say LAU and Core Lara are convincing to be eachother but the reboot Lara is very clearly a different person who is not the character of Lara Croft in my opinion.
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To me I imagine Lara to be a blend of all three different iterations of her thus far. Lara is a woman who is driven by a passion for adventuring.
She’s a lone wolf with a small collection of close friends, she’s also very private, remaining mysterious to many but those closest to her. She stands at 5’8, has beautiful brown eyes, arched eyebrows which raise when she’s inquisitive about something. Lara wears minimal makeup if any, but is such a captivating beauty she does not need it. Women and men are drawn to her, but she’s a very guarded person.
Lara is quintessentially British, she loves beans on toast with a cup of tea and has locked her Butler Winston in the freezer on the odd occasion, a practical joke of course. She is witty, with a sarcastic dry sense of humour but is fiercely loyal to those closest to her. She has a posh pronounced accent but can swear like a trooper. She often uses the term b*llocks and bloodyhell.
Lara is trained in weaponary and can handle herself any fight - she can be hurt, and has gathered many cuts and scrapes over the years, however she learns from them, refining her skills constantly.
Her faults include being selfish - she can sometimes push friends away due to her obsession with all things archeological. Lara is stubbon although driven. She can also be quite brash and rush into things without thinking fully of the consequences of her actions. Sometimes she can appear overconfident - which can get her into sticky situations at times, however she usually overcomes them.
Lara can appear cold at times with her attitude. However she truly doesn’t like to see innocents hurt and tries to do the right thing when necessary.
Lara’s trademark is her dual pistols on each leg, with pockets around her belt for amunition. Shes usually sports a vest top tucked into her mid-high waisted trousers, a backpack- to keep all those important archeological finds in, a knife strapped to her boot as well as a pick axle for climbing. Although she can climb without one - if she’s feeling particularly brazen. (Someone also mentioned this) When such occasions call for it, Lara sometimes sports a bow/crossbow for stealth, because a girl sometimes likes to be causious now and then.
Lara isn’t one for large social gatherings, she’s either out in the field or her head is buried in a book. She’s not particularly interested in relationships due to trust issues, as she fears letting people in. Lara has never met her equal, although she doesn’t think she is above anyone else.

That’s my Lara to me
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