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Hi, akci. I got a new big question.
In your challenge, you said that in Citadel Gate, it's useless to pick up the nitro in the 2nd visit with the bike, because the Mutant will be triggered from the other side as well. It's the same in my play, but here is a video showing the Mutant is not triggered in the 2nd visit.
I don't know why is that, although it's still useless for the challenge, because you can't go back with the bike and the nitro to pick up the roof key.
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Nope, the dragon is already there, you can hear him roar just before the cutscene, at 2:15'18. If you've came from the other end of the level the first, therefore the only time, with the bike he has sort of silent trigger at the other end. But the trigger that gives you his introduction cutscene hasn't been used yet then, which is why the cutscene plays there, regardless of the fact that the dragon is already there. I didn't emphasize this point because my original investigation was specifically for the Challenge, even more specifically the locust-tunnel in Citadel Gate, that was critical thing with the big health loss around which this whole multi-level solution revolved. This video is a speedrun, which of course has very different priorities. I only mentioned the basics, that the jump in Trenches can be done without the laughing gas. And of course this way you can make a straight progression City-Tulun-Trenches without any backtracking. In fact the only thing in the game that truly needs the laughing gas is the secret in Tulun.
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