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NVM sorry
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Originally Posted by dinne View Post
How can I use a shatter as trigger?
I want that when I destroy a shatter, it activates a flipmap.
I'm using TRNG+TREP. Is it possible?
First off, I assume youíre using TRNG + FLEP, rather than TREP. Different things. TRNG + TREP wonít work.
Second, yes, itís possible and furthermore, you donít even need any kind of patch for it. Shatter objects activate any Heavytriggers on their squares, so just place one for the flipmap there. Make sure that the shatter object isnít placed in the room that is to be flipped, though: if it is, it will magically reappear when the flipmap is triggered. (Canít remember if deleting the shatter object from the flipped room would help in this situation.)
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Oh many thanks Mulf... You're always active in this section with precious solutions.
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