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I'd hang out with gabe logan from the syphon filter franchise. He's pretty cool.
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I'm gonna break the rule and say Classic Lara/AoD Lara. Preferably AoD Lara bc it wouldn't be as jarring as pointy triangle Lara or any of the other pixel ones haha.

Nathan Drake bc he's pretty cool! Chloe Frazer too bc I AM HER BIGGEST FAN! She'll probably push me down a flight of steps. Rafe Adler from UC4 bc I related to him a lot and I just want to tell him to get a grip and calm down. That way he doesn't have to go all crazy at the end. Poor Rafe. Sully too bc he reminds me of my grandpa and I'd love to see them hanging out together.

I want to meet the little Patapons that I lead into battle. They're all adorable and I care about each one

My online GTA character bc he's a badass, doesn't say anything, and knows how to have fun.

My No Mans Sky character bc I'd LOVE to just travel the galaxy in that game, searching planets and looking at the gorgeous landscapes and moons.

Niko Bellic from GTA4. He may be jaded but he's got a good head on his shoulders I think. I love how completely 3D the characters are in that game. All of them just have lives and feelings and thoughts and personalities. That world, even with the violence and craziness, is something I think about often when I'm driving.
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Chloe Price, so that I may go to prison for her murder
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Warren from Life is Strange. He has the same sense of dark humor that I have.
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Ciri from Witcher or Uncharted's Chloe.

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Elena Fisher (Uncharted)
Chloe Frazer (Uncharted)
Victor Sullivan (Uncharted)
Dante (DmC Reboot)
Lara Croft (LAU Universe)
Ling Xiaoyu (Tekken)
Nina Williams (Tekken), though she'd probably kill me
Scott Ryder (Mass Effect Andromeda), well actually, the entire squad and crew!)
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I have to follow along with several others and say Nathan Drake from Uncharted. I feel we have a similar sense of humor, and I could use another good adventure.
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Commander Shepard from the original Mass Effect series. He probably wouldn't take notice of me - as I'm everything but a (war) hero - but he seems so very cool. I guess I kinda have a crush on him
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Chris Redfield. I'd invite him over, and he'd tear me apart over a nice warm cup of tea.
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Rose of Sharon Cassidy, from Fallout New Vegas.
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