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Default TRNG - Old Style Loading Screens

Works with TRNG +

In Tomb Raider 4, unlike the previous games, the loading screen is a picture of a location in the level you just exited / a picture of a location in the title screen.The main difference is that the picture is based on coordinates within a level, rather than an image file.

e.g. Here's the loading screen for The Tomb of Seth after exiting the title screen, it's a picture of somewhere in the title flyby sequence.

In this tutorial I'll teach you how to have an image for the title screen like in the old games:

Firstly, create a folder within the TRLE folder and name it 'PIX'. Then, save your image as a bitmap (.bmp) in the 'PIX' folder. Rename the file IMAGE1.bmp (it can actually be any image number, but for this tutorial it will be 1).

Now open the NG Centre.

To be able to use the image you need to enable it using the Image command - you can put this in the title section of the script (so it can be used in any level throughout the game if you want).

Here's the syntax:

Image= IdImageCommand, IdImageFile, ImageFlags (IF_...), EffectTime, AudioTrack, XPosition, YPosition, SizeX, SizeY

And here's what I have used in my script:


The 'IdImageCommand' is just an ID number for that image - it can be any number and it will be used to identify the image. The 'IdImageFile' is the number of the bitmap image file you saved in the 'PIX' folder earlier, I saved my image as IMAGE1.bmp, so the number to put in this would be 1. The rest of the command you do not need for this, so you can just put 'IGNORE'.

Now to set this image as the loading screen, you use the Customize and CUST_BACKGROUND command - this needs to go in the level section (e.g The Tomb of Seth for my script) or it will end up being the loading screen for all levels.

Here's the syntax:

Customize= CUST_BACKGROUND, BackGroundType (BKGDT_...), Flags (BKGDF_...), Parameter, ImageId

And here's what I have used in my script:


The '1' at the end is the ID for the Image command I made earlier.

We're nearly done now - the final step is to set all the LoadCamera coordinates for all levels to a pitch black area. Why? If you don't, then you will see a brief flash of the original style loading screen before seeing the image; so if the original loading screen is a pitch black area, then a pitch black image will be briefly seen, so the glitch will be invisible hence unnoticeable.

Now you're all set to go Here's the result when I open The Tomb of Seth

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