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Default Tomb Raider: Caves of Vilcabamba

Well this is something I've been working on for quite a while, and since it seems I won't cancel it anytime soon, I decided to give it a go and post a thread about it on TRF.
This project started in january or february 2017, when I wanted to take a break from my other projects (including TLD) since I just felt so exhausted and out of ideas. I just couldn't think of any new, innovative, or just interesting puzzles for my levels, so there was no point in pushing myself to build them. Instead, I decided that maybe the best way to find joy in building again is to just return to some of my favourite classic TR levels and just enhance them. Quickly I realised, that one of my favourite, and probably one of the easiest levels is actually the well known, iconic "Caves" level from TR1. Quickly I found out that modifying existing levels is actually a lot of fun and so somehow this one managed to persist through my all rage-quitting moods and several cancellations lol.

The main idea behind this level is to make it feel familiar, yet somewhat similar to Core's TRAE idea. There is one difference though, instead of adapting it to TR LAU's mechanics and art direction, I decided to make it more Core-friendly. Because of that the game will be slightly more similar to TRAOD rather than Legend.
This will not be a pixel-perfect remake of TRAE's levels for several reasons. Main reasons are that I don't have enough skill to make it as good as Core's, I don't think it's actually possible to remake it in TRLE, and finally, we/I don't have enough sources to find out what Core wanted it to look like.

At this moment the level is still very early in production, but I believe there's enough made to at least make a thread about it, especially since once you create a thread you feel some kind of pressure to finish the level, which actually helps a lot LOL.
For the time being I'm planning to make the first level only, but if people will like it, maybe I'll make other levels too.

So, here are some screenshots and I hope you will like it. Everything is still work in progress, so they might change a bit.

I would like to thank Dustie for giving me the idea of calling it "Caves of Vilcabamba". Without him I'd probably just call it Tomb Raider lol.

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Looks interesting
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Yasssss another level from you

I love that third screen holy crap *_*
Uh, and that's a long ass ride
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Lovely atmosphere! But I'd add some snow where the ice is. It looks too clean.

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I love this! The lighting looks gorgeous and I love how Lara looks.
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Thumbs up

Oh, very very nice!
I love the atmoshere you have going there.
And I like the idea fo a TRAE style level.
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Well done caesum ! It looks really interesting as I said before You are really good when it comes to level design ! I can't wait to see more and actually play this level !
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Patrick star
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I love the kind of lonely atmosphere you're setting , can't wait for more updates
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Remakes ftw!

Atmosphere is great!
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Great atmosphere Ceasum! This shot in particular is lovely. I look forward to seeing more.
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