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Originally Posted by maximum_123 View Post
Happy birthday, Greenapple! We haven't spoken in an age - so I hope you're doing just fine!

Enjoy the extra step closer to wrinkles, false teeth and death
Thank you. I am feeling a tad moody today but that's due to me being messed about by an incompetent Doctors Surgery.

Originally Posted by Rai View Post
*hates his birthday, pays attention to it.....TRF logic at play? .

Happy (belated) Birthday to the sad Apple .
Thanks from a sad Apple.

Originally Posted by _Alex_ View Post
The reason I would know this is because I'm about to reach that "grown up" mile stone, it's like you reach all the big miles stones from when you were a kid and once you hit that 2nd to last one, death being the last one, you're like "now to wait it out..."
Ah yes, reality at it's darkest.
It only takes one person to be right.
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Happy late birthday greenapple. I know birthdays can be stressful when reaching that one step closer to death.
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