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Originally Posted by charmedangelin View Post
Here is another thing they never explained in Legend, how did little Lara escape that big vast temple after her mother got zapped by the portal? She just drops her drawing and walks away. Exactly how was she located and found? We see in the future how crumbly and broken the temple was and I can only imagine how freezing cold it must have been so how did Lara so inexperienced escape that place?
I can buy that maybe the temple wasn't quite so crumbly then even if it was only 20 years earlier. It had to have been a full floor and suddenly collapsed at one point, right?

As for what happened, I remember reading something about a "10 day solo trek to Kathmandu", but that's extremely reaching for a something-like 8 year old girl. It's ridiculous to suggest she could have survived that on her own, with no gear and not really suitable clothing for The Himalayas.

"Richard probably rescued her" makes more sense. Even then however, we'd be talking days or even weeks before he'd find her, given he wouldn't know exactly where the plane went down and Amelia and Lara trekked a good few miles to the temple after the crash. Young Lara wouldn't survive that wait on her own.

Only other explanation I can possibly think of - Maybe there's a remote village not too far from the temple, where she was taken in by some monks or something, who looked after her until Richard arrived. That's literally the only thing that makes sense to me.
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Well you know, a lot of things in Legend are extremely reaching if you apply the rules of reality of our world onto it, but that is what I like about Legend: it's a fantasy world with a heroine that's pretty much a demi-goddess.

But I suppose you could say that one of the crew of the airplane also survived and they walked to civilization together...
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That's cool,I never noticed that,this is one of the reasons I love the LAU era,there's so many little details,same goes for the classics too
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