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Default Most memorable places/puzzles/events in each level

I am thinking about working on something about TRAOD and I would like you guys to tell me what do you remember as being best element of every level? Be it places, puzzles, events et cetera. If you don't remember anything from a level, then just leave it blank and it will tell me just as much. It will help me greatly.

Parisian Backstreets -
Derelict Apartment Block -
Margot Carvier's Apartment -
Industrial Roof Tops -
Parisian Ghetto -
The Serpent Rouge -
St. Aicard's Graveyard -
Bouchard's Hideout -
Louvre Storm Drains -
Louvre Galleries -
Galleries Under Siege -
Tomb of Ancients -
Hall of Seasons+sublevels -
The Archaeological Dig -
Von Croy's Apartment -
The Monstrum Crimescene -
The Strahov Fortress -
The Bio-Research Facility -
Aquatic Research Area -
The Sanitarium -
Maximum Containment Area -
The Vault of Trophies -
Boaz Returns -
Eckhardt's Lab -
The Lost Domain -
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Parisian Backstreets -
Trying to kill the dog and dying at the very beginning

Derelict Apartment Block -
Lara getting arrested by going to the ground floor in the lift.

Margot Carvier's Apartment -
First choice and consequence scene in any TR!

Industrial Roof Tops -
Being terrified of the helicopter as it slowly destroys your health.

Parisian Ghetto -
Janice! Also waking up in the subway. (It shows Lara as not being as aristocratic anymore.)

The Serpent Rouge -
The music and climbing the lighting rigs!

St. Aicard's Graveyard -
Pushing the Angel into the grave...

Bouchard's Hideout -
The creepy half dead guy with the goo on him

Louvre Storm Drains -
Blowing up the entrance to the Louvre

Louvre Galleries -
The laser sections

Galleries Under Siege -
Full on combat and being able to break an enemy's neck with a stealth kill.

Tomb of Ancients -
The descent.

Hall of Seasons+sublevels -
All the puzzles! They were great!

The Archaeological Dig -
The X-ray scanner thing

Von Croy's Apartment -
I know its a bug but getting unlimited rigg ammo

The Monstrum Crimescene -

The Strahov Fortress -
Trying to be stealthy and failing miserably

The Bio-Research Facility -
It's just plain beautiful!

Aquatic Research Area -
Feeding the fish monster.

The Sanitarium -
Ummm the cutscene beforehand with Lara in the elevator

Maximum Containment Area -
Finally finishing it!

The Vault of Trophies -
The underwater puzzle was pretty cool and the ending cutscene was great.

Boaz Returns -
Well... Lara showing some kind of affection to Kurtis. Especially with how in sync they are when they aim they're guns at Boaz and Muller.

Eckhardt's Lab -
The beautiful ending.

The Lost Domain -
The awesome sprint jump.
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Parisian Backstreets - The unfinished tutorial area
Derelict Apartment Block -Going to the bottom floor after fixing the elevator and seeing how long you can last before getting arrested
Margot Carvier's Apartment - Carvier's kitchen
Industrial Roof Tops - The rooftops
Parisian Ghetto - The sewers
The Serpent Rouge - The top floor
St. Aicard's Graveyard - The crumbling ledges going the top route
Bouchard's Hideout - n/a
Louvre Storm Drains - The first drainage area
Louvre Galleries - The roof
Galleries Under Siege - n/a
Tomb of Ancients - Swimming back up after flooding the place
Hall of Seasons+sublevels - After finishing the sub levels and the steam pit, when the element pillars are going up and down to access the balconies and rotunda-- that's my favorite part/location
The Archaeological Dig - The symbol puzzle
Von Croy's Apartment - Von Croy's Apartment
The Monstrum Crimescene - "Eh, what?" tied with Vasiley's hidden clock-controlled secret staircase room
The Strahov Fortress - Racing the metal spool through the mines and security lasers
The Bio-Research Facility - n/a
Aquatic Research Area - feeding the fish
The Sanitarium - the cafeteria
Maximum Containment Area - n/a
The Vault of Trophies - lux veritatus statues puzzle
Boaz Returns - n/a
Eckhardt's Lab - the lab
The Lost Domain - using the all-powerful artifact of Eckhardt's to... bring down a ladder...
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Parisian back streets - trying to kill the dog
Derelict apartments - Getting arrested by the cops
Industrial roof tops - Falling to lara's death
Margot carvier's apartment - Being mean to carvier and being arrested by the cops
Parisian ghetto - Being mean to bernard
Le serpent rouge - The music and disco theme and lighting rig
St. Aicard's graveyard - Fighting the dogs
Bouchard's hideout - Snooping through the basement
Louvre storm drains - Turning the valves
Louvre galleries - fighting the guards
Archaeological dig - The mechanism puzzle with the wheel
Tomb of ancients - The timed door at the end of the level
Hall of seasons and element levels - The water, fire, and wind puzzles
Galleries under siege - Stunning those soldiers in blue
Von Croy's apartment - Fighting the cleaner
Monstrum crime scene - Being mean to luddick
Strahov fortress - Messing around with the crates on how to boost lara's strength
Bio research facility - The giant greenhouse with the 3 cards
Sanitarium - playing kurtis for the first time
Maximum containment area - Fighting the proto
Aquatic research area - Pulling the levers in the underwater pool
Vault of trophies - The underwater labyrinth at the beginning
Boaz Returns - Figuring out how to kill boaz
Lost domain - the sailing sprint jump
Eckhardt's lab - The pool with the 3rd shard after getting rid of the boiling water
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Parisian Back Streets : The unfinished hidden training section .
Derelict Apartment Blocks : I liked the poisoned Gas idea .
Industrial Rooftops : The Helicopter !
Margot Cariver's Apartment : IDK , the apartment looked nice
Parisian Ghetto : The music stands out , and I liked the church that got turned into a gym .
The Serpent Rouge : Nothing .
St Aicard's graveyard : I really liked the traversal on Francine's building .
Bouchard's Hideout : Nothing .
Louvre Storm Drains : Dive Girl , Dive !
Louvre Galleries : the Laser Room , and the traversal on the roof .
Tomb of Ancients : the trapped corridor at the end .
Hall of Seasons : Neptune's Hall , and the trapped dungeons .
The Archaeological Dig : Symbol's puzzle , interesting , even if easy .
Galleries Under Siege : the cutscenes .
Von Croy's Apartment : I liked the apartment itself , especially the stairs to the bedroom
Monstrum Crime-scene : the secret room in Vasily's building , pretty neat and beautiful .
Strahov Fortress : Luddick's demise scene , powerful one !
Bio Research Facility : the final big area , in which we need to collect three security cards and the puzzle with that vicious plant blocking a door .
The Sanitarium : Nothing .
Maximum Containment Area : Nothing .
Aquatic research area : Lara's wetsuit
The Vault of Trophies : a lot , the visuals are outstanding , and the gameplay is neat even if the level was short , but hiding the painting behind a moving bookshelf stands out .
Boaz Returns :
The Lost Domain : the room with the lava and crossing the wooden bridge .
Eckhardt's lab : the first area , I specifically liked the puzzle with the cage .
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Parisian Backstreets -
Climbing through that window and stealing other people's money.

Derelict Apartment Block -
Pressing the wrong button in the lift, going to the ground floor and getting arrested.

Margot Carvier's Apartment -
Chosing the wrong dialogue options and starting to panic while searching for the notebook before the police arrives.

Industrial Roof Tops -
"I can make that jump!"

Parisian Ghetto -
Entering the church, saving, talking to the boxing trainer and reloading if Lara bet on the wrong fighter - repeat until you get the golden watch.

The Serpent Rouge -
That Euro trance track.

St. Aicard's Graveyard -
Finding ammo inside of a mausoleum.

Bouchard's Hideout -
Instant death by choosing the wrong dialogue option.

Louvre Storm Drains -
Getting a strength upgrade by turning a ventilator.

Louvre Galleries -
Jumping on top of the Mona Lisa.

Galleries Under Siege -
Checking out the ladies' room before exiting the level.

Tomb of Ancients -
Miscalculating every second jump and Lara falling to her death countless times.

Hall of Seasons+sublevels -
The hardest level in the entire series: The Sanctuary of Flame. Especially if you don't know that at the beginning you can just stand still and wait for the fire wall to go through the room. Instead I always tried to outrun the fire wall which made it even harder. Also one of the best levels: Neptune's Hall. And a really annoying boss fight.

The Archaeological Dig -
The x-ray machine.

Von Croy's Apartment -
Entering the bathroom and listening to the over-the-top hall effects while shooting.

The Monstrum Crimescene -
Finding Bouchard's dead body.

The Strahov Fortress -
Using a crane to take out turrets.

The Bio-Research Facility -
That high room with several platforms. Classic TR level design.

Aquatic Research Area -
Accidentally falling into the water, panicking and then realising that the fish monster doesn't really harm Lara.

The Sanitarium -
Learning that Kurtis is harder to control than Lara.

Maximum Containment Area -
Fighting the Proto. Probably the easiest boss in the entire game.

The Vault of Trophies -
Lots of diving.

Boaz Returns -
Figuring out that Boaz isn't that hard if you know how to switch targets.

Eckhardt's Lab -
Shooting skeletons into the pit.

The Lost Domain -
The lava cave that brings back memories from TR I.
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Parisian Backstreets - Discovering the original tutorial level for the first time

Derelict Apartment Block - Being arrested by accidentally pressing the wrong button in the lift

Margot Carvier's Apartment - None of it, really

Industrial Roof Tops - The end cutscene

Parisian Ghetto - The sewers under the streets

The Serpent Rouge - The amazing tune playing in the background

St. Aicard's Graveyard - The 'secret' behind the spiked wall

Bouchard's Hideout - Nothing memorable or of interest, in my opinion.

Louvre Storm Drains - Escaping the fire after planting the bomb, especially if you choose the top pipe route, which is the most fun route to play. That room is really messed up after you plant the bomb and I find the gameplay in this room is very interesting.

Louvre Galleries - The opening lazer room, but the Mona Lisa room and the rooftops are other standout moments from this level. One of my favourites in AoD

Galleries Under Siege - The panic and tension before you find the gas mask

Tomb of Ancients - Descending the central shaft and also the trap room at the end of the level and seeing the level flooded when you return.

Hall of Seasons+sublevels - The whole level is so memorable that I can't pick just one moment. Standout moments include Neptune's Hall, the basement and furnace section, the tense climb at the top of the hall (one of the best moments in AoD in its entirety, probably tied with Neptune's Hall as my favourite), and finally the boss fight.

The Archaeological Dig - Solving the puzzles and finding the clues, very creative on Core's behalf

Von Croy's Apartment - The explosion in the stairwell

The Monstrum Crimescene - You unsavoury little runt

The Strahov Fortress - Luddick's death

The Bio-Research Facility - Ascending the main room and watching the Boaz cutscene

Aquatic Research Area - Finding the wetsuit and feeding the leviathan with the guts

The Sanitarium - The horror atmosphere

Maximum Containment Area - Again, the atmosphere

The Vault of Trophies - The Lux Veritatis puzzle and then finding the final painting

Boaz Returns - Gunderson's demise

Eckhardt's Lab - The final cutscene

The Lost Domain - Getting the sprint jump
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Originally Posted by Newraider75 View Post
Boaz Returns - Gunderson's demise
Muller dies not Gunderson. Gunderson is the only surviving member of the cabal right? He has never been seen again. (Or does Karel actually survive?)
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Tried not to read anyone's so it wouldn't cloud my judgement!

Parisian Backstreets - The unfinished/buggy/inaccesible part of the level.
Derelict Apartment Block - Running the elevator while gasping for air.
Margot Carvier's Apartment - Being rude to Carvier then stealing from her. Lol
Industrial Roof Tops - The cutscene at the end.
Parisian Ghetto - Janice!
The Serpent Rouge - The music and lights.
St. Aicard's Graveyard - The damn dogs.
Bouchard's Hideout - The dialogue with Bouchard, maybe? Also being careful as to not the say the wrong thing and getting shot.
Louvre Storm Drains - The never ending valves.
Louvre Galleries - The annoying part with the lasers and the security guard. It took me a while to get it right.
Galleries Under Siege - Going for the breathing mask and the cutscene with Kurtis.
Tomb of Ancients - The encounter with the very pathetic (and lonely) skeleton at the bottom of the pit!
Hall of Seasons+sublevels - Neptune's hall. It's beautiful! But Wrath Of The Beast is also very memorable as it was/is challenging.
The Archaeological Dig - The levers puzzle.
Von Croy's Apartment - That damn mercenary, he's kind of hard to beat w/o using medipacks.
The Monstrum Crimescene - The clock/staircase apparatus (lol)
The Strahov Fortress - Lara turning off the energy and thus freeing the proto.
Aquatic Research Area - I'd say the swimsuit but the whole level is pretty memorable.
The Sanitarium - The patients ****ing coming at you.
Maximum Containment Area - The patients ****ing coming at you.
The Vault of Trophies - The L+V statues puzzle.
Boaz Returns - The fight with Boaz, I guess? Also, Kurtis's impalement
Eckhardt's Lab - Fighting with Echkardt, of course. Also, Karel being the mastermind of it all.
The Lost Domain - Gaining the super long jump.
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Parisian Backstreets - i love the ****ing intro
Derelict Apartment Block - the "omfgg i need to gtfo aaaa" feeling you get on your first playthrough although its not really true lmfao
Margot Carvier's Apartment - the level was very detailed
Industrial Roof Tops - also the "omfgg i need to gtfo aaaa" feeling altho the level is short af and the shot should kill lara in 2 shots #nuff said
Parisian Ghetto - janice (and only janice)
The Serpent Rouge - climb up the lights thingie (whats its name?).. although it was HORRIBLE in the ps2 version lmfao
St. Aicard's Graveyard - the "platforming" on the dead people lmfao
Bouchard's Hideout - i loved how you had to turn around the sewers just to open a passage at the beggining.
Louvre Storm Drains - THE BOMBINGGGGGG
Louvre Galleries - THE LASERSSSSSS

Tomb of Ancients - Escalating those walls are really intense. I love it.
Hall of Seasons+sublevels - Escalating those walls at the top are really intense.
The Archaeological Dig - killing the guards so they dont annoy you anymore
Von Croy's Apartment - the atmosphere
The Monstrum Crimescene - bitchy lara
The Strahov Fortress - finally **** ass luddick gets killed lmfao
The Bio-Research Facility - "if i had a coconut everytime some lunatic said something like that"
Aquatic Research Area - lara changes her outfit
The Sanitarium - well you have the hype you play as kurtis altho hes worse to control
Maximum Containment Area - ok do i really have to compliment all levels? tis level is NOT good
Boaz Returns - nothing. GET THE **** OUT
Eckhardt's Lab - this **** game finally ends there
The Lost Domain -
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