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Yes. Yes. And BTW


The first TR walkthrough I bought was for TR4.

Buuuuut. That was a loooong time ago, and since then, I am far more capable. So I don't need a walkthrough,
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Catacombes 'bones' secret is one of the worst secrets in the entire series...how are you supposed to figure out you can shoot them (without a walkthrough)

I did not use a walkthrough until after finishing the game several times, to find the few remaining secrets.

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Originally Posted by dinne View Post
No I didn't, but it's not only for the "honour" about it, it's also because it's very pleasant to feel "lost" and to be stucked because when you obtain the way by yourself you'll feel more satisfied and "into" the game. It also make you observe better the details that you wouldn't have observed with a walkthrough.
Yes, and the satisfaction after solving a puzzle that stuck you for days feels awesome. But when I was a child, I used the walkthroughs for TRII and III, specially because I wanted all the secrets.

For TR IV the Lost Library was the only time when I needed help, everything seems so random in there, specially when Lara meets Von Croy... It leaves you asking "and now?"

After beating Alexandria I drop the playthrough, so I don't know if I would need the guides for the following stages.
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TR4 was a massive game, big and long levels and plenty of them, and it was certain that you were going to get stuck somewhere, and you needed help

Release date for TR4 was 1999, before the internet was even thought about by most people of the world, internet walkthroughs also was a dream.

Hence as I got this game on PC on the release date in 1999, it took me four months to get through TR4, as only partial walkthroughs, level by level, became available via monthly or bi-monthly computer game magazines

So when you got stuck, you really got stuck, and could not ask for help, and had to await my magazine. The internet was years away in the future. (Very slow dial up when it arrived )

I did eventually buy one of those thick TR4 walkthrough books in a book shop, which then told me there were two alternative routes in some levels, DOH!, Start again

I then spent years on this game finding every inaccessible part of each level using TR tools like position editor, so definitely got my moneys worth out of it.

So, yes I did use walkthoughs when stuck.
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I was forced to use a walkthrough to find the eastern shaft key in Khufu's Queens Pyramids because I had no idea about the maze or that that slab from the pyramid was a pushable object, I was stuck for ages. It's the only time I've had to use a walkthrough in a classic game so far.
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When I played TR4 for the first time, I was 13 years old. And I used walkthrough when I didn't know where I must go or what I must to do.
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One or twice. I think it was with those underwater doors and some ceiling hatch. Was searching for days how to open that door. 'Oh, you can just stand in front of it and press action?' Thanks Core, for giving me a thousand doors that needed a lever, but this one can apparently be opened with action? Same for the ceiling door. Apparently had to stand in exact the right place...

Other than that I never use walkthroughs. I remember being stuck on the Deck in TR2 for days. Even drew a map of places that were 200% checked out and places that might hold a hidden passage. Great sense of achievement when I finally found that passage...
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Avalon SARL
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Yes at many parts;

although I tried at first myself to guess what to really do, but after hours or maybe days of searching, I used the walkthrough.

This is the only TR game I used a walkthrough for.

The lost Library, Cairo, maze underneath the sphinx were so very hard and that was AWESOME to be defeated in this way.

Today, the walk through is already built within the games
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you need help on account of all the secrets?

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I did. All the time for this game. But I wish I hadn't so much. Especially since I didn't need one to finish TR3 and TR2.
I discovered walkthroughs on the internet when I was 15 there was no going back, I couldn't contain myself and now I'm sorry, ok?
The best thing about TR is discovering where to go and what to do for yourself. Today I use walkthrough only if I'm profoundly and absolutely stuck.
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