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I liked that even Chloe admitted that she found Nate annoying.
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I finally beat Spelunky in under 8 minutes.
It may have taken me four years but man, it feels great.
*hordes boring trophy*
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Ratchet and Clank (PS4)

Quite a fun game to spend a few hours with It has its flaws, with levels feeling empty after the first run through them. And Challenging mode is not Challenging at all. It was MUCH easier than NG...and I was playing on Hard

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It's way more streamlined in that there are no options to choose which powers you want, you can't upgrade them, mana regenerates (no mana elixers), and there aren't nearly as many tripwire traps, arc pylons, alarms, etc. in ratio to the game's scale/length. So it's definitely more limited than the rest of the series.

The powers are interesting enough, but it would have been nice to have a few more. Displace is the teleport, there's one to steal someone's face to disguise yourself, one to speak to rats, and one to assume a spirit form to scout ahead for secrets and mark enemies/equipment.

A couple of twists to established weapons, but the only one that I can think of that was replaced entirely was the pistol (which was no harm).

Some of the locales are revists from other entries in the series, which wasn't too big of a deal, as they are altered enough to reflect changes happening at these locations + new areas/details being added to make them not feel like they were lazy and just copy and pasted. The general art direction is still ****ing gorgeous. And I was playing too much of the game with the brightness too high, and when I lowered it, the shades, textures, shadows, and lighting were improved tenfold. It's really worth taking a bunch of screenshots, even of mundane stuff.

The Outsider can be "contacted" with glitches in the world (usually in the form of paintings/posters that are fading back and forth to the real world and the void. Because of this, he's not as present as in previous titles.

There are runes and bone charms, but they are only found through a power that lets you search areas in a "spirit" form which stops time, and the artifacts glow. It was a decent replacement for the Heart, but wasn't entertaining enough to keep using that power to find them all. Speaking of the Heart, you can no longer hear people's secrets, but speak to rats, which often sound quite poetic, but they more give mission clues from the perspective of the rats. I think there could have been a lot more rats to talk to. And there are no shrines.

Billie Lurk is a decent protagonist, but she's not really that interesting. Her performance (by Rosario Dawson) is more like she's doing a dramatic reading (and not like she was actually recording lines with her scene partners - but that's hardly her fault if that's how it turned out). But I also didn't care at all for Emily for the same reasons; she's kind of wooden. Oh, and there's this bank owner/background villain called Dolores Michaels and I kept smirking because I kept thinking that was the name of Tootsie (though it's actually Dorothy Michaels in the movie, and I really hate them for not using the same name! ).

That said, it took me 16 hours and 19 minutes, and I was doing nearly all of the contracts (which I really like - they are optional missions to steal, kill/subdue/move bodies, fetch an item, etc.), so the length is like that of a full title. But the narrative is a bit thin and doesn't really include enough to make this really feel like the end of the series (or at least, the current Dunwall/Karnaca timeline). There's not enough impact on what it's doing, but I really liked the non-lethal ending (and that the series kept its core trait in having that be an option).

In short, it is good and I think I might have liked it better than Dishonored 2 in some aspects, but DOTO doesn't really have enough "iconic moments" that the rest of the series had.

I really hope this isn't the end of the series. I would love to have a DLC (probably doesn't deserve a full release) of us playing as Granny Rags, Delilah, or even The Outsider, but I'm not sure how they would allow us to utilize the traversal and combat mechanics without powers...maybe give him gadgets?
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And felt quite sad afterwards.

I did not see that ending coming as the conclusion.

Apparently there are other endings though, so I will try again another time. It was a nice puzzle game.
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Finished Shadow of the Colossus for the first time, it was great!
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Just finished South Park the Stick of Truth. This game was amazing, it was really well done. It felt like you where actually in the show and I have to say that all the quests were fun and I loved the rpg game play this has. Would defiantly recommend this to any south park fan. Wish I had money to get the Fractured, but Whole, but as they say patience is a virtue.

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Metroid: Samus Returns

A very honourable and amazing remake of the most underrated Metroid game. The fact we have two incredible remakes of this game astounds me.
You will be missed Spong.
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