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Finishing the most complex and amazing puzzle I ever made for my Persian levels and then clicking the "draw doors" button instead of face edit... To much to process, instant crash. Tears came after.
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Besides bugs, saving your prj file on another prj file that you've finished,really sad.
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That never happened to me...

Had it happening with saving wads in WADMerger as well.
I always feel so stupid afterwards.
It happens most often when I've been working with one wad for quite some time and then go and work on another level with another wad.
I usually have backups so I usually don't have to do a lot of rebuilding objects and such if this happens. And not only do I have backups, I also have seperate wads for object building.
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Haven't posted in this thread for a while.

I will say that some of the situations users have been in do seem very frustrating. If I found myself in any of them, I would be tearing hy hair out.
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Originally Posted by Sabatu View Post
When you made TR3 remake via TRLE editor and Convertor
14 levels done( year and half work) and your PC decided it will be VERY FUN to Commit suicide and you lost every projects with editor and everything what left was just Jungle demo TRLE.NET and few levels in not even alpha version on Mega.co.nz .. Trust me that was firsttime when I took my old PC and gave him reason to commit suicide from Seventh floor .. Literally
Yeah I took my pc and threw my computer out of the window from seventh floor D I was in ragemode and when my younger brother come to our room ( me 20, him 11) well. I did nothing because I love him I just told him. NOT NOW . Three days he was afraid to spoke to me ( I really did not know why)
I mean, you could've just taken the hard drive out and put it into another computer...
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