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Send a link and I'll change the images.

Oh, I understand, you'll upload another one with the same name.

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Yup ! And its updated!
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Hey there, I would like to see a tutorial for working underwater objects, like trapdoors, puzzles, pushables, etc..
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Puzzle-hole underwater: http://www.tombraiderforums.com/show...&postcount=101

The rest of interactible (word?) objects should use the same principle.
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It would be great to see tutorial, that describes how to texture rooms in metasequia ( I mean by using Meta2TR of course ).

My idea is tutorial that shows how to texture all room geometry sectors, like in NGLE, with all possible cases - for example squished/stretched textures that match exactly polygon, triangle polygons, "triangle-divided quad polygons" - in NGLE you need to press "ALT+LeftMouseClick" to achieve this. Also smaller textures ( or larger ), selected in NGLE by RightMouseClick from bigger, for ex. 128x32 selected from 128x128.

As we know, metasequia is using UV Mapping technology to texture polygons, which is different than NGLE/Strpix "select and click on polygon" method. All what I mean is, tutorial that explain how to reproduce in metasequia all texturing operations that are possible with NGLE/TRLE.

This kind of tutorial would really help me, and I am sure others who use Meta2TR also.
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