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@fallenangle whats the difference between the NTSC and PAL games (in all TR1-5 games)? I thought it was just the location lol
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I was thinking today it would be nice if we could get a mod with high-quality textures for Chronicles. There are points where the texture quality is pretty low.
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I really enjoyed TRC on first playthrough. My first games were LAU and I got my hands on the classics at a later date. I bought all of them and played just a little... Chronicles was definitely the one that caught my interest the most and that's why it ended up being the first classic I finished. It had a sort of chill and agreeable pace to it that really struck just the right chords for me. It was the perfect foray for me to venture into the classic series.
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Originally Posted by ThatSassyKid View Post
I've played through Chronicles the most, and I've only ever encountered one bug in Red Alert! right near the end, the second cyborg wouldn't follow me into the hallway, so I couldn't lock him in and gas him.
Not sure if this is relevant, but this only happened with my NA PC copy, not my PAL or EU versions.
I think this is the only bug that I did encounter. Everything else worked fine IIRC.

Chronicles is an awesome game, and I think it was very much in the vein of TR 1-3 which had the globe-trotting and unique stories that, in a way, tied into the big overall plot.

One of the reasons I love Chronicles is, in fact, that it felt like TR 1-3, but with TR4's upgraded gameplay. It also feels easier to get into than TR4 imo. And as previously mentioned, it's the smoothest TR compared to the previous four games.

Sorry if it came across as though I hate TR4; I don't, I actually really love it, but prefer Chronicles a little more.
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Originally Posted by SrDanielPonces View Post
@fallenangle whats the difference between the NTSC and PAL games (in all TR1-5 games)? I thought it was just the location lol
PAL ports almost always were released later, sometimes much later than the NTSC version. However the main difference, and why many serious gamers at the time and even now won't touch the PAL50 versions of any PS game, is because many were not optimised or only partly optimised for PAL50. That means the games ran about 17% slower and/or were window boxed ie. bordered top and bottom.

It is what fueled the UK/EU NTSC game and hardware import market as well as encouraging system modding. Sony and, later, MS had only themselves to blame for all that by short changing gamers in PAL regions.

Even when they were optimised for PAL50 most gamers think that the the 60Hz refresh rate of the NTSC system give superior picture quality despite PAL's higher resolution. That's one reason why PAL60 was introduced and well supported by later systems like the DC.

It would be ironic if in TRC's case the PAL50 version had some of the bugs ironed out even though it was released slightly earlier than the NTSC version. But I'm still not convinced that the PAL version is more bug free. It may be that there are and were just less people here using it and so fewer reports of the bugs encountered.
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