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I noticed you updated the web version with options!

But now it doesn't load any levels?

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JoelCaesar, try to clear the cache for OpenLara page on your browser, I did some changes to reduce internet traffic (server side levels now are ziped)
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In caves, when you go into the pit with wolves, when you place yourself center underneath the flat bridge, jump up and press action, you'll see what happens. There seems to be an error with recognizing the bridges' collision.

Also, I'm getting this error when loading a level in Safar 11.0, it hangs at Loading...

Exception thrown, see JavaScript console
abort(9) at jsStackTrace@http://xproger.info/pro...ra/OpenLara.js:1:23354 stackTrace@http://xproger.info/proje...ra/OpenLara.js:1:23528 abort@http://xproger.info/projects/OpenLara/OpenLara.js:19:7208 bp@http://xproger.info/projects/OpenLara/OpenLara.js:12:34752 Vd@http://xproger.info/projects/OpenLara/OpenLara.js:7:65873 Re@http://xproger.info/projects/OpenLara/OpenLara.js:5:27287 Nd@http://xproger.info/projects/OpenLara/OpenLara.js:7:58041 Md@http://xproger.info/projects/OpenLara/OpenLara.js:7:50343 Ud@http://xproger.info/projects/OpenLara/OpenLara.js:7:65050 _d@http://xproger.info/projects/OpenLara/OpenLara.js:7:71638 No@http://xproger.info/projects/OpenLara/OpenLara.js:12:33781 browserIterationFunc@http://xproger....ra/OpenLara.js:1:68071 runIter@http://xproger.info/projects...ra/OpenLara.js:1:71148 Browser_mainLoop_runner@http://xprog...ra/OpenLara.js:1:69613 If this abort() is unexpected, build with -s ASSERTIONS=1 which can give more information.

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