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Originally Posted by Cochrane View Post
The ultimate conclusion from that is that the orange plug apparently seems to work (or conversely, that removing it apparently increases the risk of someone getting shot for real), and that the only stupid thing about it is to remove it. The assertion that "police officers won't mind because most of those kids will turn out to have had really bad parents anyway" (paraphrased) remains unsubstantiated.

But the stupid people ARE removing the orange plugs. And getting shot. That was kind of my point, that these "feel-good" regulations don't work when you are dealing with stupid people.

We have lots of people here that routinely act in ways that would be unthinkable to a German. You know, with your mania for order and all.

Oops, too late.

Insofar as cops feeling bad about shooting someone, I think they will feel a lot less bad about shooting a criminally-oriented ghetto kid who is more likely than not to compile a lengthy arrest record by the age of 25 than they would if they accidentally shot some nice young college bound white kid who was carrying a paintball gun in the wrong place at the wrong time. They'll figure its just another one they won't have to shoot later - or get shot by.

There seems to be this trope that when a policeman shoots a kid with a toy gun it is some attractive black kid with beautiful café au lait skin and no criminal history, who is an A student, a math whiz at his school and was on his way home from his white friend's house where they just finished a nice barbecue and had a game of cops and robbers after doing their homework.

Actually, I remember seeing a TV episode like this long ago. Such episodes are expressly designed to play right into the progressive liberal's fantasies of social injustice.

Media manufactured outrage.

But real life, isn't so much like that.
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