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Originally Posted by Patrick star View Post
And about the manor , good riddance I'd say , as Core themselves said that they've pretty much hit the limit with the TR3 manor in terms of size and additions for a PS1 TR game , and when copying the TR3 manor and paste it to TR4 seems like a lazy and useless thing to do , I'm glad they cut that altogether and incorporated the tutorial into the game with a small side story building up the basics and establishing the roots of Lara's relationship with Werner .
I call bull**** on the TR3 manor pushing the game to its limits, considering how (relatively speaking) small the manor and grounds were compared to some of the levels in the campaign.

That said, I think they have a point as far as wondering where they could possibly have gone with that manor for another game. By TR3 we'd seen almost every room and the grounds, had it rearranged twice, had puzzles incorporated into it and experienced almost everything that manor had to show us. So yeah, I don't find myself missing it in TRLR-AoD, and I understand the decision to give us a whole new house to explore in more recent games.

Overall I did like the change in tone and story-telling for TRLR-AoD as well. As much as I love the first 3 games, they did lack depth and continuity with eachother, and introducing Werner and some of Lara's other associates was a nice way of fleshing her out a little.
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Loving the review so far, Newraider75!
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