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And I'm instantly reminded of the rope climbing animation in Mortal Kombat Mythologies...
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It's horrendous, it looks so un-gainly and silly, she'd just slip down the rope if that was in real life

I wasn't keen on the rope mechanic even in the final game though. It was clumsy, confusing with the reversed left/right rotation and jumps had to be timed perfectly. Don't get me started on how Werner completely neglected to mention you needed to press square to make her jump off, since it did feel like it should have been automatic on releasing action with the momentum built up. That would have felt more fluid, in my opinion.
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She really is strong, dangling from the rope like that, with her arms bent like that...
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Wow, the ugly duckling turned into a swan. Thank goodness they changed it.
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So Catacombs could have been even more of a pain?
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Thank god they changed the rope animation otherwise the double rope swing woulda been even worse. Though the final cut it wasn't too bad.
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I mean Joey had trouble jumping to one rope while standing, can't imagine how such thing would be possible with tho ropes lol
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I think with a bit more tweaking this would have been muich better than the final version. Lara clearly distrubutes her body weight more to make the rope swing in this version rathert than just randomly being able to propel herself forward like in the final version.

I do find them choosing to go for an auto grab function in it funny and I think it's one instance in which I wouldn't have minded it.
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