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Default Assension - The Divine Source

I have reached the above area just after Lara speaks to Sophia who says she has to get to cover, Lara is hiding behind a shield when I start to play, unfortunately I have very little ammo and no reserve health, I have tried for several hours to make progress to what I believe is the final base camp but cant defeat the numbers between, anybody got any ideas?

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tlr online
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Welcome to the forum Micky.
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What kind of arrows do you have? My suggestion is, if you have the resources, use the special arrow types, especially poison clouds which can take out multiple enemies instantly. If youíve completed the Kitezh tomb and gained Greek Fire, the fire arrows can burn through enemy armour and make quick work of them. There should be mushrooms growing in the environment too, if you can get to them in the chaos.

If thatís not an option, you can try shooting the lights (they look chandeliers - I donít know what theyíre actually called ) to rain fire down on enemies. It kills them pretty much instantly, so try using that to your advantage.

Good luck!
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Also if you have the resources remember you can craft arrows!
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All of the above + try to loot enemies for ammo
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As everyone above already suggested, try to craft something that'll do damage and loot every body. If you really can't make anything at all, you might want to attack them using melee methods. If even that fails try lowering difficulty temporarily. And if even that doesn't work for you, then perhaps download a save file from Stella's site or a trainer to increase your resources.

Good lucky
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what they said ^
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Default Thanks!

Thanks guys for all your suggestions, I'll give them a try and see how I get on....

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