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Originally Posted by matrix54 View Post
So... Lara? You think Core Lara was sane? She's a sociopath.
What? No.
I called that dude from the Far Cry game a psychopath. I'm actually shocked that you drew comparisons between him and Core Lara. Sometimes I feel like I didn't play the same games. To me Core Lara never came across as someone who is thriving for recklessness. She is very crafty, proactive and fearless, but I never took it as an undying love for near death experiences, she's much smarter than that. She just has simple goals in acquiring artifacts and she's willing to go to great lengths to achieve her goals. To me that's nowhere near equal to getting a thrill out of traumatic events.

Originally Posted by Grimaldi View Post
She wanted to be on Yamatai. She didn't want to be swarmed and shot at by a cult or watch her friends die. The threat of both is constant, and she has to kill to survive. It's grim and upsetting. The writing doesn't call for Lara to ever unwind and enjoy the island for its history and secrets, which I don't like either, but it's not the fault of Lara as a character, not entirely.

I don't know why you're treating the situation on Yamatai as comparable to racing an old man in Cambodia. The former was unprecedented, an island filled with cultists, undead samurai and a supernatural curse, the latter is a consensual skip through some ruins complete with light banter and comparatively low risk. Of course how she acts would be different, even if they were the same Lara.

To answer your question though, she obviously wanted to be on Yamatai, she pushed for the ship to change course based on her research, but like any sane person that might've known what awaited them there, she probably would've stayed away, as gunning through mad people like a mercenary isn't the kind of adventure she'd (and likely TR fans in general) might prefer to a haunted Irish isle. It's like she'd enjoy actual tomb raiding over being traumatised or something.

Even amidst the negativity, one of her first comments on the island in her journal is: "this place is incredible. I've seen wrecks here that could date back centuries." She's clearly pleased when she realises it is indeed Yamatai and when she discovers Himiko's sarcophagus. There absolutely should've been less trauma and more enjoyment on her end, but to me that was Crystal fumbling the tone and damaging her character, not who she is at the core.
Thank you! Couldn't have said it better.
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